Easy Open System Operatuion specifications & Applications

Easy Open System Spec
DimensionExterior dimensionW158 * D136.75 * H22.75(unit:mm)
Product FeatureWithdrawal Distance80mm±3
First Section Withdrawal Force(Begining 20mm)70N(7.15kgf)more
Second Section Withdrawal Force(20~80mm)30N(3.06kgf)more
Withdrawal TimeWithin 20sec
Electrical FeatureVoltage14.5V ~ 16.5V DC
CurrentMax 200mA
Output Switch20V DC / MAX 50mA
Durability Operating ConditionDoor Open3.650Cycle(2cycle/1Min)
Clutch Friction Furability1,000Cycle

※ The easy System can be changed to meet customer product and requirement